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Commercial Development

Program Information

Through its own programs and those administered on behalf of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, ECBC provides various funding options for potential entrepreneurs. Assistance will be directed at development and refinement of business proposals, marketing initiatives, e-commerce initiatives, innovation, human resource initiatives and capital assistance.

Starting a Business

ECBC wants to work with you to help you to explore the feasibility of your business idea. First and foremost you will need a business plan. Preparing a business plan (PDF, 927kb)†will help you when starting a new business or as you continue to build your current business. It outlines what you need to develop a comprehensive strategy. With a well-developed strategy, your business is much more likely to succeed.

Preparing a marketing plan (PDF, 927kb) will help you build the profitability of your new product or service in a competitive business environment. It helps you discover what is unique or innovative about your idea so you can sell it.

Expanding or Modernizing a Business

If youíre thinking about expanding or modernizing, ECBC can help cover some of your capital costs with unsecured or secured loans (with or without interest) and flexible repayment terms.

We can also help with related costs for training, research studies, marketing, productivity, quality assurance and environmental management.

To assist in planning for a business modernization or expansion, you may want to prepare a business plan and a marketing plan†(PDF, 927kb).


In Cape Breton, a relatively small percentage of companies export their products and services, yet the islandís long-term economic health depends on the creation of wealth that comes from export sales. ECBC works with local companies to encourage them to explore export opportunities and to assist them in becoming export-ready.

For information on export-readiness training and other export-related initiatives contact us at information (@)


ECBC provides assistance to commercial and non commercial entities to defray the costs associated with the development and upgrading of websites with e-commerce capabilities. For more information, click here (PDF, 100kb).


Depending on the applicable program and the nature of the project, assistance levels range from 50% to 75% of eligible costs.

Funding Proposals/Application Forms

For information on how to prepare a funding proposal for commercial projects, click here (PDF, 63kb).

For an application form, click here (PDF, 43kb).

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